About Us


Hello my name is Luke owner of the business

I love my dogs and always want to keep them happy and entertained, and having a passion for starting my own business brought me to create my Aussie home based business Ace Dog Supplies.

I always found it hard to find good toys to keep my dogs busy while I was at work. So I've built this business keeping in mind the things I'd want from a dog supply store. I hope to provide customers around Australia a wide variety of toys and other products to keep their dog entertained and happy just like my dogs.

Alongside the toys I also make a range of handmade treats. I have a passion for cooking and only use the finest of ingredients. All treats are made with love and care. 

I am also very conscious of the environment so I ship all my products in compostable packaging and I also try and source products made from eco-friendly material.

If you have any ideas on products I should sell please feel free to contact us with your suggestions thankyou.

Est: 4/4/2022